Thursday, March 20, 2014

Castle Dracula. (March 20)

Justin Hill and Julie Hill were just married and decided to spend their honeymoon in an old beat up castle that belonged to Count Dracula.

As they went from the airport to the Count's Castle they encountered bad weather and poor visibility. Besides they were tired and heavily jet lagged and so Justin Hill met with a horrendous accident. 

As they lay in the pouring rain, bleeding heavily one of the hands at the castle spotted the accident and came rushing to their aid and notified the Count about the unfortunate accident. The count examined them in the bunker of the Castle and realized they were dying and he could not do anything about it. 

The Count became dejected and went up to his chamber and started playing on his church organ very soulful and sombre music.

As the music wafted down to the bunker, the assembled helpers began to hear Justin Hill moaning and a while later Julie Hill began moaning in pain too. 

Upon hearing this, one of the helpers dashed out of the bunker and charged up the stairs to the chamber of the Count.

"Master! Master!!", he panted, out of breath. 

"What is it!", growled Count Dracula angry to be disturbed. 

"Master, The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music!"