Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Knight. (March 13)

Sir Wilber was one of the lesser known knights of the round table, but he was an accomplished furniture maker. His latest creation was a magnificient armoir which he had covered with pure silver plate. When the piece was all polished up, it shined like nothing anyone had ever seen. 

The medieval hero was not ready to settle down yet, but Gracie, his girl, wanted to get married right away. She had become tired of waiting and decided to go to Wilber and pop the question herself. When Wilber saw the woman coming, he jumped into the armoir to hide. 

Gracie entered Wilber's quarters and looked around. She didn't see anybody and turned to leave. Suddenly Wilber sneezed. Gracie ran to the armoir and flung the door open. there stood Wilber: he was trapped! 

The next day, the castle newsletter's headline proclaimed: "Lady Gracie Finds Her Knight In Shining Armoir!"