Sunday, March 23, 2014

Don't Mess Around. (March 23)

The teacher asked if anyone could tell the class a story with a moral. Little Johnny volunteered the following: 

"Out West, in the town of Diablo, there was a guy named Stanley, who was president of the Creative Credit Loan Company. He was proud of being able to arrange loans for almost anyone. One day as he was locking up to go home, some tough guys accosted him and started to push him around because he was small in stature and mild mannered. Stanley also held a Third Degree Black Belt in Karate. He counterattacked, and gave the tough guys a thrashing they would'nt forget." 

Said the teacher, "Good, Johnny, now tell us what is the moral of your story." 

Johnny replied, "Well, the moral is, if you're ever out in Diablo, don't mess around with the loan arranger."